Things You Should Know Regarding Search Engine Optimization

Regarding search engine optimization, several things need to keep in mind. Not just things to focus on doing, but also things to be careful to avoid doing. Here are some SEO Dallas tips and tricks for you to follow.

Things You Should Do

1) Do keyword research. Determine what the main theme of your site will be. Find specific keywords that encompass these topics. Find long-tailed buyer keywords if possible. Also, see what kind of traffic these keywords produce,
and how many people (if any) are paying for these keywords through paid advertising.

2) Check your competition. SEO is all about beating your competition. Find out who’s ranking for your targeted keywords to see how difficult it may be to overtake them. It’s good to pick apart the first ten results in the listings
for your keyword search. Look at their tags, the keyword density in their content, and other details. To overtake them, imitate (without copying), and improve upon their methods, if possible.

3) Use SEO tags and content with your keywords. The main things you should focus on are the title tags, H1 tags, keywords within the URL, and keyword density in your content (1-3% at the most). It will help immensely to avoid
auto-generated URL names, and manually create URLs to concise labels containing your keywords. Also, make sure that your description meta tag is one that will entice people to visit the page.

4) Keep keyword themes. Maintain unique keywords for each page. It’s better to focus individual pages for specific keyword phrases, as opposed to trying to optimize any page for every keyword in your list of keywords. The tighter
you can keep a page theme, the easier it will be to increase your page rankings on the search engines.

5) Get quality, relevant backlinks. A few links from relevant high PR pages will often have much greater effect than several links from low PR, non-relevant pages. Search engines will look for authority sites by seeing what relevant
pages are linking to them. Keep your anchor text varied, but still retaining your keyword theme for your backlinks.

Things You Should NOT Do

1) Rely on the “keywords” meta tag. Incorrectly keywords meta tags are thought to be the primary element of search engine optimization by many people. The truth is that they not used by the search engines with the exceptions of Yahoo
and Even then the information is view as additional content. There are no bonus “points” for keywords in this tag. Google completely ignores this meta tag.

2) Use major SEO elements in a template. If you put some of the major SEO factors into a model, this removes the uniqueness from several pages. It might kill any chance of ranking for your keywords. Make sure to keep things such as
the title and description tags unique on every page.

3) Keyword stuffing. Trying to deceive the SEO into thinking your page contains more information about certain keywords than it truly does will only risk ranking demotion or even blacklisting. Trying to hide keywords by making them
invisible will often be found as a black hat technique by the search engines. Techniques like this will have severe consequences.

4) Do NOT use link-farms. Trying to get several backlinks by posting a link to your site on one of these pages will not add great value. These sites do not offer any quality content and because of this are seen by the search engines
as black-hat sites. Being linked to from one of these locations might hurt you but it will not help much – linking TO them will risk severe punishment. Avoid this because it will cost you, and try to find relevant sites to link to
with quality content.