Internet Marketing In 2019

Internet marketing will undergo a drastic change in 2019. You very well know as a marketer that each year, marketing strategies change and even get more expensive, not to mention competitive.

One of the main reasons why there’s constant marketing change, is because there’s likewise a continuous change in technologies. Apart from this, the World Wide Web is already getting saturated with a whooping 1,805,260,010 sites found online.

So, lets take a look at what to expect in regard to marketing on the Internet in 2019:

1. SEO will move a notch higher, and this time to voice search

So yes, its not going to be the same anymore. Come year 2020, almost half of all searches will be through voice search, says ComScore. And you wont just do it through your laptop or cellphone, because web browsing can also be done through devices such as Alexa or Google Home.

2. Algorithm updates are more complex

In the year 2016, 11 updates were made. In 2017, 13 updates. So this means that the average number of updates in Google are 12 per year, counting the confirmed and unconfirmed ones.

Spammy links are also being devalued. If you’ve already bought tons of backlinks and you were caught, your site wont get banned on Google, but those links will get de-valued. It’s that simple.

Because of technology, algorithm updates are harder to beat and Google has a way of looking at how a site ranks, such as: How much time do users spend on your site? Do they just visit your home page and then immediately click back to the search results page? Do searchers see you as a brand or not? Do searchers find your site interesting? Do you have a high click through rate? All these matters are being considered.

Suffice it to say, if you want to stay in the Internet Marketing game, you have to shift your perspective. Its all about understanding your audience and their behavior, and not just focusing on Google.

3. New content types are IN

Blogging is already a saturated channel. And without the right following and SEO strategies and traffic, it’s hard to rank in Google.

The answer? YouTube!

It’s competitive with Google. That is to say, since this platform is not as saturated as Google, you’ll have higher chances to rank for more searches. Apart from this, audiences on YouTube are engaged, and you’ll make a lucrative business using this.

You need not have to spend too much time and effort on creating good content. You just have to identify your niche and your target market. You need not have a studio or a cinematic camera to shoot as well. Your reliable mobile phone is more than enough.

With all these changes, expect 2019 to be a crazy year for Internet marketers. Dont be afraid, though! If you plan, and study the concepts, you’re going to make it through the change with more ups and fewer downs.